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Natalie Bradwell is The Iron Lady, taking on any job in metal, except cars and horseshoes!

From working on docks and muddy sites, to breweries and farms, to chaotic sculpture studios and workshops, The Iron Lady has gained a range of experience in a short time.

Spanning food, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing and arts industries – thanks to her ability to see metal as a material and communicate with clients how metal works for them. 

This obsession with metals; steels, copper, aluminium etc, the chemistry of change and our ability to manipulate are what drives Natalie to search for the next challenge and the next opportunity to learn. 

After some 15 years of experience, The Iron Lady frequently undertook private work whilst working for other companies – it all started with a falling down hay store with a salvaged forge, anvil, table, stick welder and grinder, and a trusty van.


Now at her third workshop, Bradwell Blacksmiths is finally a full time concern, apprentice in tow and a light industrial workshop which is also a place of learning, experimentation, art and creativity.

Most recently, The Iron Lady has started running courses for beginners to metalwork and blacksmithing. With space and equipment for 6 people at a time, Natalie is now sharing what she has learnt from all the craftsmen and women from her past metal adventures. 

And so to many more adventures in metal for The Iron Lady!

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